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Here are some testimonials from former students and how the course changed their lives:

Thiago Ferreira
"The opportunity to take this course was very rewarding for me. I developed my skills and anyone who qualifies to do will have the same satisfaction that I had."

Marcelo Vinícius
"My dream has always been to work with classic cars. The course gave me this opportunity and I am still here today."

Mateus Pinheiro
"I'm enjoying it very much and getting a lot of knowledge in this area that is lacking professionals"

Wallacy Santos

"Thanks to the opportunity to take the courses, I was able to learn in practice how to carry out the maintenance of this type of car. I am very grateful to ACCASC."

Carlos Roberto (Zapata)

"Through the Young Restoration Project, I learned a lot about classic cars."

Leandro Cabral

"I took the courses of Introduction and Body-shop, I got to enter the area of Restoration of Classic Cars and I have been working for 2 years as a restorer. The courses were very good and I want to do some more."
Renê Medeiros
"I really enjoyed taking the course, it helped me a lot both professionally and personally, through it I got a job at a car restoration shop."
Amilcar Poletto
"Thanks to the course I got to work at Nissan and Honda ... it gave me a good basis for my career."
Arthur Bergamin
"The course helped me a lot, I got an idea of what I would like to do."
Emanuel Matheus
"With this course we can get a good job."
Bruno Rodrigues
"I participated in the 2nd class of the Introduction course and I also did Body-shop. I thank the Clube do Carro Antigo do Brasil for giving me the passport to the world of restoration. I recommend the course because it is taught by great professionals in the restoration industry."
Renan Galdino
"The course helped me make minor repairs and get to know the world of classic car enthusiast better. I have great desire to complete the other courses, especially the body-shop. I intend to specialize myself."
José Erivelton
"The course helped me a lot. Before I did not know anything about classic cars, but with the course I learned a lot and had the opportunity to do an internship in a shop. I indicate it to those who want to learn."
Andress Zangirolami
"I love the car in general, since childhood and so I went after my dream of becoming a professional in the field. I am grateful to the Clube do Carro Antigo and its most varied courses for the opportunities that have been given me to deepen my knowledge in theory and practice."
Leonardo Ornelas
"The course was better than I expected, surprised me, it was an excellent course! I recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to restore classic vehicles."
Renato Loureiro
"Fantastic course. It helped me a lot and it was an incredible opportunity. I was very satisfied."
Davy Gouveia
"With the lessons of the project I was able to learn in depth about classic cars, which helped me in other courses and to enter the automotive area. Thank you very much for the chance and I hope to return soon."
Marlon Akio
"First, I want to thank the school, because thanks to it I am working. It was great to meet people during the course, I learned a lot and thanks to the course I had an opportunity to work in the area."
Lorenzo Morata Nantes
"First of all, I would like to thank the Board of Directors of the Young Restoration Program for the opportunity, and also to all those involved with the club, including sponsors. The Young Restoration Program is extremely important for our society and especially for the restoration market, because today we do not have many specialization courses in classic vehicles (which are our passion). In addition, the course is also a "push" for the young people who unfortunately have no conditions. So, thank you all for the opportunity!"


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