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Introduction Course to Restoration of Classic Vehicles

Provide participants with information to build the knowledge necessary for proper use, in the Professional Training Courses, in Restoration of Classic Vehicles, in the modalities: Mechanics, Body-work, Painting, Electrical, Tapestry and Woodwork;

Participant's Profile
Young people between 18 and 23 years of age, educated or studying in public schools and with family income of up to 3 minimum wages;

Presentation of the Specialties of Restoration of Classic Vehicles:

- Presentation of the basics of the recovery process of the automotive body;
- Presentation of necessary tool for the recovery of bodies;
- Study of the main types of existing bodies;
- The process of treating plates against corrosion;
- Notion of body adjustment;

Preparation and Painting of the Body:
- Presentation of the basics of the preparation and painting process of automotive body;
- Presentation of necessary tools for the preparation and painting of the body;
- Presentation of materials used in the preparation and painting of bodies;
- Notions of body assembly;

Automotive Mechanics:
- Presentation of the internal combustion engine and its component parts;
- Operation principles of the internal combustion engine;
- Engines: Otto Cycle; Diesel cycle; Two-Stroke among others;

- Presentation of the manual gearbox with its elements;
- Operation principle of the manual gearbox;
- Presentation of the automatic gearbox;
- Presentation of other types of Gearboxes;

Clutch Assembly:
- Presentation of its elements;
- Operating principle;

Differential Set:
- Presentation of the differential's elements;
- The operating principle of the differential;
- Differential types;
- The cardan shaft;
- The drive shaft for the wheels;

Brake System:
- Presentation of elements that make up the brake;
- The operation principles of the system;
- Types of brake system;

The Suspension Set:
- Presentation of suspension types;
- Operation of suspension systems;

Steering System:
- Presentation of elements that make up a steering system;
- The operating principle of the steering system;
- Types of steering system;

Wheels and Tires:
- Presentation of various types of wheels and tires that have been used, showing their evolution over time;

Automotive Electricity:
- Notions of basic electricity;
- Presentation of the loading and startup system;
- Presentation of the lighting and signaling system;

Study of Types of Bodies:
- Presentation of different types of bodies;

Vehicle Woodwork:
- Study of types of wood structure;
- Type of wood applied to each structure;
- Presentation of the tool used in the woodwork;

Automotive Tapestry:
- Study of various trends according to the time;
- Study of materials applied in tapestries;
- Presentation of manufacturing techniques;
- Presentation of the tool used in tapestry;

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